Lodro Dorje and Larry Mermelstein: Part Two


In this episode, Lodro Dorje and Larry Mermelstein talk about support for the Kagyu and Nyingma practices within Shambhala. They discuss the wealth of teachings and published material available to practitioners, and the depth of practice within Vajradhatu/Shambhala. They point out that hundreds of people have been doing these practices for 20 or 30 years, including 2,700 individuals who have received Vajrayogini abhisheka. They also talk about the ways in which vajrayana practices and Shambhala practices are mutually empowering and enhancing. Further, they discuss the need to reinvigorate a sense of community within the vajra sangha, and to invite other Buddhist masters to nourish and deepen our understanding of these practices.

Readers’ Comments

Excellent thank you!
Rochelle NYC


I did find Julia’s interview with the Loppon and Larry disturbing – as if the message was “Shambhala, Kagyu and Nyingma are all intertwined through all these elaborate practices that only a few of us really learned guys understand, so really there’s no problem calling it ‘Shambhala Buddhism’.” That’s just not the way many of us heard it from the boss. Something that we thought had applicability to all human beings got watered down into a Tibet-centric buddhist sect, the very mentality that CTR was rejecting when he came to our side of the world. My opinion obviously, but I’m far from alone. -Dan Montgomery