Dear friends, in addition to what I wrote below, I would like to add the following. Many of us in the buddhist world tend to spend our time, focusing on what matters most, the practice of meditation. This is not an activity that generates a lot of income, needless to say. Although some of us are fortunate that we have financial freedom from our work and family, many of us do not. On the other hand, many of us do not have family to support us and help us in our old age and when we get sick. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce that with the aid of her brother Vincent, I will create a foundation in my wife’s name that will build a retirement home for sangha members in the last phases of their lives. Françoise and I talked about this a lot in the last weeks before she left us. When she was in intensive care last April, she was in a room with three other very ill people. Either Vincent or I was at her side 24 hours per day, and we noticed that no one ever came to visit these other people. That was a heartbreaking realization. All of the nurses and doctors are very compassionate and loving, it’s not the same as having a family member. Where will the money for this project come from? A few years ago, Francoise and Vincent created a web application in the brand-new area of cybersecurity compliance verification. In short, companies that hold the personal data of customers have to follow laws to protect that data. They not only need to protect personal data but also to legally prove that they are protecting it. The application known as Buckler ( is the only one of its kind to fill such a niche. Big corporations such as banks have their own compliance verification, and they pay a lot of money for someone to do that for them. Small and mid-size companies have to do it themselves, and for a reasonable monthly fee, Buckler is doing this for them. It’s already well underway, and at some point, Vincent will arrange for Buckler to be acquired. There are already many possibilities, and we expect there to be a significant windfall. This is the money that Françoise would like to use to help others. Isn’t this wonderful? Let’s rejoice in her merit! To begin, we are starting a mailing list for people who are interested in knowing what’s going on, and interested in helping to build such a thing. You can email me or just click “Contact Us” on the Ocean website  ( and mention that you’d like to be on the list. Some of you know that my intention in moving to Canada was to become established here and then create a nonprofit organization to provide free retreat time for serious meditation practitioners. This is something that Françoise and I asked our teacher, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche to help us create. He named the project Champa Ling, “Loving-kindness Place”. We translated that with him as the Benevolence Retreat Center. In 2014 we did establish a nonprofit corporation, but due to my inability to raise funds, (which was my shyness to ask for money), the project never took off, and the retreat center was never created. But now that retreat center work can be the groundwork for a future retirement home. So we will refer to this project as the Benevolence Project. The money is still a few years away, and if I’m still alive, I will make it my life’s sole purpose. Francoise and I felt great joy as we discussed this project in the final weeks and months of her life and now we invite you to please come along!