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Olive Colon, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche,
Karl Springer, and Jeremy Hayward
Tail of the Tiger, 1970
(photographer unknown)

Dear Friends,

Back in Halifax, I’ve been sorting through the material gathered during my road trip in May and June. In addition to the main prize—hours and hours of recorded conversation about Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche—I also came home with a small treasure trove of scanned photographs, drawings, and documents. Here is a sampling of black and white photos taken at Tail of the Tiger in the early 1970s, presented along with some thoughts about these Chronicles. Most of the images on this page were scanned from Jack Niland’s, Michael McLellan’s, and Derek Kolleeny’s photo collections. Unfortunately, the photographers are not known.

Who are these people? I see Betty King next to Karl Springer, who’s sitting on the ground … and is that Dan Meade in the bottom right corner?

Narayana, aka Thomas Rich, on the porch of Tail in 1971. Five years later, Rinpoche empowered Thomas Rich as his Vajra Regent ösel Tendzin.

Jack Niland, one of Rinpoche’s early dharma art students, seen here in New York with his friend Tao ( pronounced: TAY-OH; a name give to her by William Burroughs) circa 1970.

First shrine at Tail of the Tiger.
The little buddha rupa amidst all the plants was purchased at a novelty shop in Saint Johnsbury. It now lives at Jack Niland’s apartment. For a closer look, check out the road trip photo album.

Sara Kapp in 1970, the year she met VCTR and a few years before she became an internationally famous fashion model.

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche — year and location unknown.

PS. It seems that not many of the hippies who wandered into the scene in the very early years had a camera in their backpack. If you have photos from this era, please let me know; they are quite rare.