Ann Cason

After a talk in Los Angeles in March of 1974 I asked Rinpoche if he could come to Santa Barbara to give a talk. "I'd like to very much," he said, "But your will have to ask my secretary, Marvin Casper." "Rinpoche is booked for two years." Marvin told me. "We will send Henry Schaeffer." Henry drove down from San Francisco and we planned a weekend workshop. When the day arrived, 40 people showed up. Henry taught meditation and gave talks on the 8 fold path. It was wonderful, but after the program was over, I asked Henry, "Meditation is hard. I don't like it. Do I have to do it in order to be a student of Trungpa Rinpoche?" "Yes you do." he told me with gentleness, fearlessness, and firmness. He was so kind. Through out my life I have remembered Henry's advice with gratitude.