As the  year of the Water Tiger draws to a close, Ocean will host daily Vajrakilaya and Mamo session

On the Mamos, the Dharmapala Principle and Mahakali Vetali

The feminine principle, functions as a force of creating harmony, friendship, and connectedness, in relationships and family, in community, between self and nature, and between mind and body.

The Dön Days

Mark Nowakowski talks about the dön days at the end of the lunar calendar and the annual practice of "Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos."


There are days I wake up weary

Larry Mermelstein and Barry Boyce on the Sadhana of Mahamudra

On January 14, 2022, Barry and Larry had a candid conversation about the Sadhana of mahamudra in Ocean's Main Shrine Room. Here is the recording of that event.

Children’s Day in Halifax, 2022

On December 20, 2022 there was a wonderful Children's Day celebration at the Halifax Shambhala Centre. Here are photos from Liza Matthews.

Heaven and Earth Rock Gardens

In the mid-1980s two meditation masters from different countries and traditions came together to create a beautiful and inspired work of art

Matthieu Ricard on the Anniversary of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s Parinirvana

Here is Matthieu Ricard talking about his teacher, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. This video message marks the anniversary of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoches's passing. Thank you to Matthieu Ricard for sharing these inspiring comments. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche—mahaguru, archetypal spiritual guide, and a close teacher and friend to Trungpa Rinpoche—was born in 1910 in Eastern Tibet and recognized as a...

16th Karmapa: Interview with a Buddha

On the 16th Karmapa’s second tour of the West in 1976, he was interviewed on a television program called “Vermont Report.”

Mahasangha Space at KCCL

Video produced by Robert Zimmerman with the assistance of Marvin Moore Mahasangha Shrine Room Complete! KCCL now has a Mahasangha Shrine Room complete with pre/post meditation room, kitchenette, coatroom, restrooms, and a separate entryway. As you can see in the video above, this new space is fabulous! Thank you KCCL! You have created a much needed resource for...

Bank of Cloudy Mind

Meditation provides a gap, which creates a sort of chaos in the psychological process, chaos in the mechanism of building up karmic situations. That chaos helps to see what is underneath all these thought patterns, both of the explicit and subconscious types. It begins to reveal what is underneath, which at this point is the collection of hidden suppressed thoughts. Any kind of thing that you wanted to ignore, did not want to encourage or are ashamed of yourself about is put into this bank of confusion–the cloudy mind. The cloudy mind acts as a container for these collections. Ashamed thoughts, irrelevant thoughts, all sorts of unwanted material have been put aside there. And meditation provides the situations which bring these thoughts up, because meditation goes right through the thought patterns and touches the ground of cloudy mind. In this way the bank is broken open, the container is broken open.

— From “Consciousness” in Glimpses of Abhidharma, pages 74 to 75.

The Path of Guru Devotion

  We may be a minority, but there are some of us who have the merit, as well as the guts, confidence and courage to take the path of guru...

Cooking Indian Food at Kalapa Court

The first time I cooked Indian food at Kalapa Court in Boulder was in the summer of 1978. I was absorbed searching for some ingredients in the corner cupboard...

Every Lifetime

I had not seen the Vidyadhara in a while. It was probably 1975 or 1976... and when he was visiting NY I had an interview with him. Among other...

Richard Arthure on Meeting Chogyam Trungpa

Richard Arthure on meeting Chogyam Trungpa. Video by Bill Scheffel.

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in Quick Charcoal

I met Rinpoche in 1971, becoming a student of his soon after, and for life. During the course of it, he assigned to me an eclectic array of different tasks and challenges. One of these was to make portrait sketches of him as he ...

How To Speak the English Language

Elocution lessons with Trungpa Rinpoche Soon after arriving in India in 1960, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche began to study English with the help of Freda Bedi and later John Driver, both...

Memories of Chögyam Trungpa

He replied, “The path is the goal.”

Dharma in the West: Part One

Having received Buddhism in the most authentic way, we must now continue that in a very changed world

Opening of Thrangu Monastery Canada

Thrangu Monastery in Richmond, British Columbia, hailed as the first traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Canada, officially opened on Sunday, July 25. The centerpiece of the new shrine room...

Cameron Peak Fire Reaches Shambhala Mountain Center

This is a poignant moment for everyone with a heart connection to SMC. We will be updating this post as new information comes to light. 

Finding the Escape Route

By Grant MacLean Like many others, on re-reading Born in Tibet, I found that there were spiritual and inspirational layers I'd missed before. But it only slowly dawned on me...

Road trip photo album

Thirty people were interviewed during this tour of the Northeast for a total of over 70 hours of recorded conversation about Trungpa Rinpoche. The following people were interviewed during May...