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This is talk eight from Tibetan Buddhist Path seminary at Naropa, 1974

Not Dependent on Personality

The lineage is the pipeline and the Yidams are like the water running through it

Open Torii

With letters of support from Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, and Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

How Do You Toast a Mahasiddha?

A Parinirvana Day toast from Antonio Wood

Suffering as a Vehicle

When there is physical pain, there is also a kind of mental irritation connected with it. And this mental irritation, this “pain,” is something we build up unnecessarily with the hope of getting rid of the physical pain. In fact, it produces even more pain. We feel that we are shut in, that we are helpless, that we have to contact the doctor, that we have to have medicine, that we have to do something about it. So there is a continual searching, a running after something, rather than first just examining, questioning, seeing it. “Where did this pain come from?” “What actually is it?”

Usually, everything is done with speed, without checking into it, without seeing properly. When a person is able to see with faith in oneself, rather than asking for help all the time, and one realizes that there is nobody to help, perhaps then one might do something to help oneself. Perhaps after a certain incident, you find your whole pattern of life changed: through an accident, a severe illness, or going through a war, you realize that there is something profound happening. Until one really develops that kind of self confidence and understanding of the positive element in oneself and ones experience, it is very difficult to see the true pattern of relative truth, which also contains the absolute.

Then suffering, physical suffering in this case, becomes merely a physical sensation or feeling. Mental pain consists of this helpless attitude, or one might say, this fascination towards the pain, the problem, the trouble. So when one is not fascinated, and no longer thinks of the pain as something separate from oneself, then one finds something familiar in it, something to be learned from it. In this way, suffering acts as a vehicle, and the problem does not belong to the devil. One realizes that there is a kind of positive element in it.

— From “The Positive Aspect of Suffering,” an unpublished manuscript.

The Dön Days

Mark Nowakowski talks about the dön days at the end of the lunar calendar and the annual practice of "Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos."

The Top Ten Reasons Why …

Asked to give a toast to the Vidyadhara at the events celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Vidyadhara's parinirvana in Halifax, Barry Boyce began to compose a toast telling...

Kasung Log: Bringing Them Around

In the late 1970s the Vidyadhara was making fairly frequent visits to Boston Dharmadhatu. Energy was sparking and new people were popping up almost daily. One of these was a...


My stories of the Vidyadhara are pretty uneventful. As a kasung, as personal guard, I got to be around him many times, and I lived in the Court in...

Meeting the Best Friend That You Will Ever Have

When I was around 13 years old I was very stubborn. One of my first real gestures of rebellion towards my parents was to refuse to go to church...

Research Expedition to Prince Edward Island

“We should research PEI,” Rinpoche announced one evening after dinner in early September 1984. It was a golden period in the Mill Village retreat. Rinpoche was generally in a jolly mood—full of mischief and good humor.

On Rinpoche and Roshi

In this episode, Henry Schaeffer and Sam Bercholz cover a lot of ground in 18 minutes, including Rinpoche throwing his mala over a fence in Oakland, Roshi blessing ...

You Knocked Over the Musician!

The 16th Karmapa's second visit to the San Francisco Bay Area occurred during the Chinese and (that year) Tibetan new year's celebrations. On the big day the Karmapa hosted...

The Gradual Path of Raising Buddhist Children

A Conversation with Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

Damage From the Cameron Peak Fire

Michael Gayner shares photos of the damage

Jigme Phuntsok on Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala and the 25th Rigden

All of you who are disciples of one who in the beginning was Guru Dorje Trollo and who now is Gesar of Ling, and who in the future will be the Twenty-Fifth Rigden of Shambhala ...

Pilgrimage to Delhi (New York)

Late in September 2016, fourteen aspirants, mostly “old” students of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, began wending their ways to Delhi (pronounced “Del-High”), New York. We came to receive the Chakrasamvara Abhisheka,...

Changing our Relationship to Anxiety and Stress

Andrew Safer talks about his do-it-yourself guide.

Installation of the Vajradhara thangka in The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya

We want to let you all know that the installation of the Vajradhara thangka in the Stupa went very well.