Myth of Freedom and the Cosmic Joke with Ani Pema Chodron


In this talk, which is presented in three segments, Pema guides us through the beginning chapters of Trungpa Rinpoche’s Myth of Freedom. We would like to thank Pema and the Pema Chodron Foundation for permission to present this talk on Chronicles Radio.

Ani Pema Chodron was ordained by the Sixteenth Karmapa in the early 1970s. She became a member of Trungpa Rinpoche’s community of students in 1974, and an important vehicle for Rinpoche’s aspirations to develop a monastic tradition in the West. In the years since Rinpoche’s death, in addition to nurturing the monastic tradition at Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton, Pema has become one of the best known Buddhist teachers in North America, and the author of several best selling books.

Readers’ Comments

Pema led me off the cliff back in the early 90’s and is my fav dharma delight. She’s my constant companion. Comforts me in (many) times of suffering. Love her, her work, her …everything. my ‘when things fall apart’ book has literally fallen apart from use. Smile. Of my extensive dharma personal library – I have all this fine lady’s book, audio, video’s, dvd’s etc, and could not be more thankful for our teachers. For CTR. For our path.

And now with her current class – to go b-a-c-k to CTR’s myth of freedom material is refreshingly deeper for me. And i’m applying now in my life with a tad more ease. Glimpses. Gaps. Plus, I haven’t listened to Pema for some time, and the audio, the listening…of this familiar friend has turned up at just the juiciest time of need for me. I find listening to talks and lectures indeed my fondest of fun learning. No accidents. When the student is ready – the teacher appears. -Your in the GES with love and joy

– Joan Polasky