Barry Boyce

As old vajra brothers and sisters pass, it becomes harder and harder to piece together the kaleidoscopic recollections in a trustworthy way (did that happen or did I dream it?), particularly when the original events occurred during a time of bacchanalian excess. Like many people, I had a series of brushes with Jack, and as others have suggested here, any brush with Jack was bound to be significant. What made him so formidable and prodigious in his dissolute days continued with a gentle kind of gusto once he started to pull in the reins a bit: he was game for anything. That must be what the Vidyadhara saw in him instantly, enlisting Jack immediately into grand and intricate schemes and projects that no one else would have the reckless bravery to undertake. We have much to thank him for. One vignette surfaces: he and Sara showed up one year at Magyal Pomra Encampment, as members of the Purnachandra, the naval division (naturally). To see them dressed in khaki and marching was a sight to behold. They didn’t treat the forms as camp, as they easily could have (Jack had hung with Andy Warhol, after all) but they did display a certain panache that added plumage to our drab army. I recall doing tent inspection (where you’re looking into the tidiness and orderliness of the interior). Jack and Sara dutifully stood at attention outside their tent with smiles on their faces and crisp salutes. I remember thinking, I’m inspecting the canvas home in a cow pasture of a fashion model and an avant-garde artist. What strange and blessed surprises the guru bestows. Again, Jack easily could have treated it all as a put on, but no, he was all in. Game for anything.