Joan west

The Khenpo was my Tibetan language teacher at Marpa School for Translators in Boudhanath, Nepal. I felt so stupid and slow. Every time I attempted to study it was a frustrated lost endeavor. At that time my home was in Pawo Rinpoche's monestary which was right around the corner from Marpa School. One day I recall being on the edge of giving up completely so I took a walk around the muddy road bend. As I passed the school for translators rinpoche appeared and said to me in colloquial Tibetan "slowly, slowly, slowly, little bit by bit you will understand and everything will be fine. There is no need to rush". Amazingly, I understood without a translator!!!!!!! Please know we were studying pecha Tibetan at his school and not colloquial language of which I have almost no grasp! With this said the decision was made to continue....however...Surely it will take at least another life time if not more for me. I could not make much progress before I left Nepal :/ 0h gosh, how wondrous khenpo Tsultrim was.