Joan West

Frannie and I were frequent travelers together throughout south east Asia. We had way too much fun and it was usually due to Frannie's creative ability to find it in the most impossible situations. Once upon a time we decided to travel across the Nepal boarder into India to a place we determined no one that we knew had ever been before. Once we arrived we realized there was nothing there but a government hotel. Tired, dusty and filthy dirty from a long bus ride we rapidly fell asleep. Hours later we were both awakened by a thick hoard of mosquitos. There were no bug nets in the room so we covered ourselves with repellant. It did not work. Frannie quickly arose to the occassion and with the repellant bottle in her hand she pointed out 4 capital letters on the back. "Here is the problem right here!" "It is not enough to rub the stuff on our skin....we must also do the mantra!" " DEET" Fly well Frannie! I know you are 100% fine.