Marian Slaughter

The Chronicles has to be one of, if not, the most important activity associated with preserving and promoting the teachings of VCTR. Listening to senior students such as Bob Rader feels so much like experiencing VCTR and the development of Shambhala first hand. It is so apparent how much and how deeply VCTR impacted his students. Sometimes listening to these most blessed students is like receiving a transmission - I get so open-hearted, sad, inspired and my feelings of gratitude for a) VCTR, b) senior students and c) the Chronicles, soars. Of course I had to make a contribution! Putting one's resources (however small) where one's mouth is, is required. I sincerely hope that more of VCTR's senior students begin to teach. Their experiences are so alive, fresh and raw -so vivid they give me goose-bumps! To allow all of that brilliance to pass from the world without sharing it more is a great tragedy. Again, the Chronicles has my eternal appreciation and gratitude for bringing VCTR and the voices of this students to the wider world.