Max Teng

I always find that hearing funny and happy stories make me feel better, so we wanted to share a few of our fondest memories of Francoise. I'll never forget how genuinely happy Francoise was when I'd send her photos and videos of Uncle Brad doing even the most mundane or silly things in Florida. She'd always respond so giddily to videos of Uncle Brad unpacking his underwear from his traveling guitar, as if she hadn't seen him leave Halifax with a guitar full of clothes. And it was always so endearing how genuinely happy Francoise was to see us when we'd walk into Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or sitting through all those FaceTime calls for Thanksgiving and Christmas and playing along with all our family's shenanigans. If it were anyone else, I'd be skeptical that someone would be so merry to spend time with this family, but not Francoise. She was patient beyond belief and showed genuine interest in our lives. Selene also reminded me of the time the truck broke down while we were in Montreal and how Francoise helped us find a mechanic and offered us to stay with her friends. She always treated us like family, and we'll never forget her kind gestures like these. Francoise was exceedingly nice, patient, and gentle, and it was truly a pleasure to have her as our Aunt. We're truly sorry for your loss. Love, Max and Selene