Simone LaVoie: Jigme Lhatso

Farewell Fran, my dharma sister. Sending you on your way with love and gratitude for your service and devotion to the Kagyu and Ningma lineages and foremost to our root guru: the Vidyadhara , Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. I first met Fran in 1970 at the Tail of the Tiger, where I first met Trungpa and became his student, which marked my life and joined many of us in our dharma path. Shortly thereafter, Fran, Kesang, and Kunga came to my Univ of Vt: comparative religion class and spoke to the students of the purpose of the centre. Fran was lovely and informative , and instrumental in organizing a weekend teaching program, taught by Rinpoche , at the university where I received my first mediation instruction from Trungpa. I moved to Bolder and resided there from 1975 to 1985, where in the course of that time attended many teaching and practice intensives with Fran over the years. And again , over the years when I have returned to Boulder, it was always a pleasure to see Fran in the shrine room again. Fran was a passionate, intelligent, beautiful and outspoken woman. At the foreground of new ideas and in support of spiritual, cultural, and indigenous causes. Fran joins the illustrious pioneers and our dharma brothers , who supported the Vidyadhara and the Buddha Dharma in coming to the west, who have passed this last couple of years. Kunga, Micheal, Sherab, and Karl Usow. May they join the nature of their mind and with the nature of mind of their guru, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Much love and gratitude to Fran.