Stephen Futral aka Ish

Painting of Hildy by Stephen Futral
In honor of a dear friend, who, I just found out has passed, a prolific artist with a grand heart... The painting is titled 'The Negation and Yearning of XOH' from a photograph she sent me and a discussion we had on the role of women in art, as model, as muse, as artist.

In our chats and comments she always added XO, I added the H for Hildy...

Me too
Us together
Loving you
Hugging me
Painting you
Keeping the enigma in tact
has not been as hard as all that...
The wild Dakini approaches
and floats on the sea
feeding the gulls and talking to me
her hair is it's own entity
flowing on to eternity
Her pink lips soft and salty
her fangs are there if you dare
only to find she has no fear
so please beware
She'll steal your heart when least expecting
palpably beating as you stand bleeding
blindsided by her warmth and sweetness
falling in love had such greatness
She inspires these verses
spontaneously flowing
goodnight my dear
must be going...

©stephen.futral / 17.july.2009