Susie Vincent

Nothing I could write would be enough to pay tribute to darling Hildy. Her friendship has been like a diamond in my life. Hildy was one of the bravest travellers, most sincere lovers of the earth, most devoted dharma sisters, and most uncompromising free spirited, adventurous, true hearted beings I have had the privilege to know and relish in my life. Impossibly broke, creating uncounted priceless art forms, following inspiration in everything, adoring and caring for this world almost without limit. Hildy’s jubilant life was dharma art itself and her wisdom and compassion always rode hand in hand. To lose her is almost unbearable. Perhaps we never shall, she was so integrated with everything, in every bird, animal, tree or ocean wave. CTR is under injunction to take the very best care of her. I’m sure he will.