Work Sex Money: Seminar Three

Work, sex and money: these are the main things in our lives that we look to instinctively for satisfaction, and yet ...


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These three talks are from the third seminar that Chogyam Trungpa gave entitled: Work, Sex, and Money. It took place April 7-9, 1972 in Burlington, Vermont. The first talk describes the mechanism of physical, psychological, and spiritual materialism and how these affect the normal course of work, sex, and money. The second talk looks at how the practice of sitting meditation and joining that with meditation in action can help us to begin to dismantle ego’s games. In the third talk, Rinpoche looks at how work, sex, and money are often an expression of klesha activity, or confused emotions, and how that approach can be overcome.

From the back cover of the book

Work, sex and money: these are the main things in our lives that we look to instinctively for satisfaction, and yet, they almost never supply it; which is exactly why our relationship to these subjects is so worthy of examination, says Chogyam Trungpa. He teaches us to break down the artificial barrier we construct for ourselves between our spiritual practice and these inevitable aspects of life in order to reveal their inherent sacredness, to learn what they have to teach us, and to make wise choices where they manifest in our lives, livelihood, and relationships.