1976 Seminary: Hinayana/Mahayana Talks


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Over the coming months, the Chronicles will be posting the nineteen hinayana/mahayana talks of the 1976 Seminary, one talk at a time.

You are warmly invited to listen to these talks on your own, and join us on Ocean for an informal discussion hosted by Hazel Bercholz. The discussion group meets every Tuesday at 1:00 PM Eastern

1976 Seminary Talks

    1. Study and Practice (posted)
    2. Prajna and Dharma (posted)
    3. Twofold Egolessness (posted)
    4. Discipline (posted) (posted)
    5. Taking Refuge: Buddha, Dharma (posted)
    6. Taking Refuge: Sangha (posted)
    7. Śrāvakayāna
    8. Pratyekabuddhayana
    9. Summary of Hinayana
    10. Introduction to Mahayana
    11. Two Truths
    12. Inheritance of Hinayana
    13. Awakening of Tathagatagarbha
    14. Bodhisattva Discipline
    15. “Drive all blames into one”
    16. Faith and Renunciation
    17. Compassion
    18. Indestructible Wakefulness
    19. Summary of Mahayana