Complete Openness


Rigdzin Shikpo was one of Trungpa Rinpoche’s first western students. In this short audio recording from 2007, he talks about his training with Trungpa Rinpoche in the 1960s, beginning while Rinpoche was studying at Oxford. For more information, on Rigdzin Shikpo and the Longchen Foundation, please visit


Trungpa continues to be right here. Thank you Rigdzin Shikpo for speaking. -Alanda Wraye


Yes it is extraordinary, and yes I am interested in participating. Thank you for opening up this possibility to know more about CTR’s extraordinary style of working in the borderlands, inspiring people in such far away places. He really was able to reach-out and “sow the seeds the inscrutable werma.”

Anyway, this is quite something, and I thank you. jack convery