Cooking Rice with Marty Janowitz: Conversation with Chuck Lief

In this episode, Marty talks with Chuck Lief, the President of Naropa University.


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Welcome to Cooking Rice, conversations with people whose work in the world is grounded in contemplative practice.

In this episode, Marty talks with Chuck Lief, the President of Naropa University. Among many topics, Chuck discusses his many years of experience in social enterprise, providing housing, childcare, and health care for low income individuals and families.

Part One, 31 May 2012:


Part Two, 6 June 2012:


Listeners’ Comments

Thank you for a wonderfully engaging 33 minutes. I look forward to hearing Part Two. Mr. Lief is a humble non-imposing man, and it would be easy to overlook his diligence and dedication towards his accomplishments. By sharing this conversation you give all of us a wonderful example of the impact we can have if we put our hands where our heart is. -John Weir



Congratulations to both of you.

To Marty – for bringing Chronicles Radio to a new height of professionalism. Smooth, incisive, interesting, well-paced. The Cooking Rice thematic introduction and finale narratives are very useful.

To Chuck – for being a boundary spanner. Dharma in action. I look forward to hearing more about your plans for Naropa University.

Jolly Good Show
Julia Sagebien

PS – Brian and Jeff – lovely music also. Makes one curious and alert just to hear it.


Theme music for Cooking Rice is from Jeff Torbert’s CD: This Weather Honest. Post production audio editing for Cooking Rice by Brian Guns.