For CTR, April 4, 2018


For CTR, April 4, 2018

Before we met, I was a teenager in love
With myself. I was my own dreamboat.
Heartbroken, I was shy and arrogant.

Gobsmacked when we met,
I laughed and began to work
On myself. Weaned from life by rote,
Cradled in kindness and surprise.

One day, I served you tea. While outside
Fat rain fell. You sat inside
Alone, not occupied or bored.

Today, I am old, older
Than you ever were. I don’t know
What to think or how to fix
This broken, perfect world
You left us.

Jim Wilton is a member of the Boston Shambhala Center since 1986. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife Erika and is a partner of the law firm Ropes & Gray, LLC.