Diane Metzger

VCTR's Province: In commemoration of a 1995 expedition to deliver Lord Mukpo's (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's) salts to the waters beyond Halifax Harbour: Six orange-vested kasung Launch into Halifax Harbour in a hand-built boat, Thinking to wrestle the ocean and offer your gifts to the sea. Six orange dots getting smaller and smaller, Sailing farther and further from shore, Rocking on an arm of the sea. There--wherever "there"-- Surrounded by ocean, Immersed in clouds, Hands immersed in mist-- Strewing his salts to the sea. Unexpected wind picks up. Small boat rocks. Dragon cloud pours out of the sky. Mission accomplished. Ocean calms. Your salts in the ocean, Your bones in the earth, Nova Scotia is the heart of you. Your smile is the light of the sun Shining upon our heads. The glow of your kindness shines in the bright eyes of children. The night sky, so deep-- The depth of your mind, Sparkling with stars. --For VCTR and green-and-blue NS.