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Walter hitchhiked from Philly to Boulder in 1974. He seems confused about what happened after that.

Radical Dzogchen with Keith Dowman

Dzogchen Seminars and Retreats 2021 June | September June 25, 26, 27 Friday evening to Sunday lunch LEARN MORE

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1978: Children’s Day at the Court

On the first several Children's Days in Boulder...

Road Trip to Crestone

BOULDER, early summer afternoon, 1982 - The reception for the Vajradhatu and Nalanda staff in the back garden of Kalapa Court is a familiar scene: uniformed servers offer heavy trays of...

Research Expedition to Prince Edward Island

“We should research PEI,” Rinpoche announced one evening after dinner in early September 1984. It was a golden period in the Mill Village retreat. Rinpoche was generally in a jolly mood—full of mischief and good humor.

Deborah Luscomb: Working on the details

The Rigden Abhisheka took place in Halifax during the first week of March 2006. The Abhisheka requires a host of ritual objects and implements, all of which were found or assembled with...

Tail of the Tiger and its Neighbors

Stories from the Chronicles roadtrip.

Gesar Mukpo

Gesar Mukpo, son of Chogyam Trunpga, and incarnation of Jamgön Kongtrül of Sechen talks about his movie "Tulku" and more.