Emile Westergaard

Tenzin To my friend I so venerate, it will never be too late to express my gratitude and respect to you and all you represent, to the depth of your commitment to your friends along the path You are a true buddha, purveyor of the mammo's wrath Your humor rings true, your laugh in my ear, your smile in my heart will always be here I wish you gentle passage, a journey you deserve for a life well served Yet you remain by my side, a constant in my life, a memory and prayer, a wonder in mid-air I will always know your care Your deep and mellow soul I pass it on as best I can, give up control on this morning in mid-winter, snow piled high in your land, in mine rain falling hard, Water symphony my epiphany, on land and on sea your soul flies free Underneath the lineage tree we sit and meditate, no moment too late, no aspiration too great, share love, breath in hate My elder special friend, young one among sages, your seat for the ages awaits you no doubt Thank you and hello Tail of the rainbow, sun through the clouds, trumpet blare out loud ringing in my ear I sit here in prayer, feel you in the air