Andy Weiner

Jean-Claude had a very old Mercedes convertible that his father had somehow gotten out of Germany just before the war. It was light blue, and very beautiful. One day in early Spring, we decided to drive out to Jones Beach, with the top down. As we were about to leave the beach to come back to Manhattan, it began to rain. Jean-Claude struggled to put the top back up, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. He pulled out the owner’s manual, only to discover that it had been written entirely in German, a language he did not know. I didn’t know German either, but by some inexplicable providence was able to decipher just enough to enable us to replace the convertible top. This facility surprised me, and greatly impressed Jean-Claude. The remainder of that day’s excursion was filled with mirth, drollery and playful amusement, qualities that Jean-Claude possessed in abundance. Thanks for the fun.