Anne Kerry Ford

Haunting , As You Promised. I would like to dream about you to ease this longing, but your presence continues on in everything, everywhere, so what could a dream of you satisfy? You are there always, you are not there at all. Sometimes I think I see you driving in another car on the L.A. freeway. That would be so like you to show up that way, waving as you pass. I offer my song to you when I sing. I put you in the audience becuase it makes me tell the truth. You really are there, you are not there at all. I was your student when I was 17; this year I am 50. I wonder if I have any idea about anything. I really do wonder. Dharma. Then I remember I am a Mukpo, too. And I can rely on our connection wholeheartedly. I really don't mean to be so stupid. I don't want to waste time. I don't want to be distracted. I had the best opportunity a person can ever have. I was taken, every bit of me, by the King of the Universe. I am writing this as if you would read it yourself, You really are there, you are not there at all. Offering you everything, anything, all of it, always, forever, Always, everything, on and on, forever and ever and ever. ------ -Anne Kerry Ford Ojai, California