I am so grateful to have the opportunity to listen to the talks about CTR in this program and for all of the other materials that you offer about CTR. I have been practicing meditation with some of his students for the past 7 years and unfortunately did not have the opportunity to meet him personally. I feel that the teachings in this programs are so fresh and alive and I feel more connected to CTR as a result. I have forwarded the information about the program and about the Chronicle Project to folks who are a part of a group with whom I meditate in Chicago. I regret that the recording for class seven did not work out. Is there any way of rerecording that talk? I would hope one day to be able to have a CTR discussion group and to use the recordings as the primary resource. If not can I get a copy of the presenters notes or outline? Are there any recordings of CTR teaching about the six paramitas and Buddha-nature that we could use instead. Thanks again for your wonderful work.