First you were my saviour You rescued my family from hippie days You saved us from sloppiness and, thank goodness, everything wasn't "beautiful" anymore Then you were my father figure Offering advice and words of encouragement "Don't smoke pot." "You should try meditation!" "Watch out for the Mukpo wrath." Finally, at last, you were my guru Accepting no excuses How terrifying! What a relief Having nowhere to hide. I never saw one scrap of fear Not a drop Not a crumb Not an atom I didn't know how extraordinary you were until I had lived twenty more years. Even among the greatest teachers and saints This fearlessness is a miracle I am no scholar but I know this: no "alcoholic" no "charisma" no "sinner" no "saint" only Padmasambhava
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Walter hitchhiked from Philly to Boulder in 1974. He seems confused about what happened after that.