Gazing At His Consort What do you see when you look at her? Does she look like she has been some where? How would you like to take that trip Will you insist on knowing the fare? The ticket from here to there is pricey. First your soul is on the list. It was a comforting notion for a very long time. But now we all know it doesn't exist. Selfless sweet openness, how does she do that? It looks so easy, so graceful, so light. She never grabs or clings or falls, She is a trapez-less acrobat. What price has she paid to be left so real? Only her self was on the table. But the antes were up and she lost the game Buenaventura for a lucky girl. What price discipline; is it so bad? And what of morality; it sounds so drab. But to stay in step with our invisible partner . . . It's a bit of a trick when we try to see it. But certainly it's worth a try, Because every one of us can do it. It's frightfully easy to dispel a dakini. Ulterior motives or duplicitous words Can take her out in the wink of an eye. Yet, it's in her non-nature not to stay gone, So watch out ,,, she'll be back