We have been Shambhala meditation group for few years. Of course I can not mention who we are, since it might be dangerous to well being of the group. Although authoritarian regime, are all around, but the modern technology had been on our side. Of course sometimes the Internet is not working sometimes the government is getting on people's messages and put them in jail for one reason or another. No media can express the difficulty that we are going through and no media other than Chronicle of C.T.R can stand in front of all censorship and help us to open our mind/heart, by being able to listen to teachings of C.T.R. We have been so fortunate to have access to Rinpoche's teaching all around the world. Once Afghanistan were celebrating Buddhism and the great Buddha sculpture was manifestation of Buddhism in that part of the world years ago. Which later on Taliban destroyed it. Sometimes we have open situation,sometimes it is absolutely shot dawn and close. But by the work of Chronicle, the torch of C.T.R's teachings had been passed on to us.