césar seas

Although I never formally met you or experienced you in your nirmanakaya, I've been blessed to have the guidance by one of your students. My teacher has shared many wonderful stories and it is quite clear to see that you are very much alive in her heart every moment. I did had a wonderful dream with you years ago, one that I still remember vividly. I was in a line, a procession heading towards you. You were giving everyone a blessing. I remember you were dressed in white robes, and thought how odd? I was use to seeing Tibetan monks in their marooned robes. Then as I arrived in front of you, you placed your hand on my head as I bowed. Then, like a rush of electricity, I felt an energy come from my feet, up through my body and out of the top of my head! At this moment, my eyes opened wide, I gasped, and woke up from the dream! It was an amazing experience. When I shared it with my teacher, she laughed and said, "I see Rinpoche visited you." In the dhatu of beginninglessness and endlessness Thank goodness there is the death of concepts And the deathlessness of basic goodness