Chantal Latendresse

Dear friends and Sangha members , 4.4.2015 C'est avec une grande joie que je lève mon verre en l'honneur du VCTR. IN BRIEF I MAKE A TOAST. Between the VCTR and me , it is a long LOVE AFFAIR . I have been lucky to meet him in Europe. I used to run to see him every time I heard he was giving teaching in England or Germany. It was him who make me go to SMC Colorado to attend his three months seminary. There He created a bobby trap for me explanation : I met in the middle of 400 participants my future husband Gabriel and later on I moved to Vancouver OH LA LA. When HE died I went to Karme Choling to say goodbye and participated in all the ceremonies and the cremation. But in fact I was wrong as until this day I never did say goodbye to Him. As in the deepest of my heart his teachings are always present, fresh and vivid. So my friends and sangha members please REMEMBER that without Him we would not be here. and also The Sakyong would not be propagating The Shambhala teachings . NEVER FORGET THE VCTR. LEVONS NOS VERRES EN SON HONNEUR. PLEASE RAISE YOUR GLASS IN HIS HONOUR. TO THE VIDYADHARA . Vancouver Shambhala Center APRIL 4 2015