Dennis Morbin

On Meeting a True Friend Vancouver, February 1975 With great trepidation I met you face-to-face Mountain like — you sat in your chair so still On hearing my multi-towered stories of sorted meditation practices from Christian to somewhat buddhist — an utter embodiment of spiritual materialism embraced by total bewilderment You laughed – in fact howled with laughter Great belly-filled roars On catching your breath You peered over your glasses and simply said ‘Oh, you’ve been very busy’ Head spinning, body shaking, face sweating I heard his instructions Keep to shamatha as daily practice Do a 10 day retreat Come to Naropa in summer And you should also come along to Seminary I was a babe in the woods A country bumpkin if not a pumpkin Only a month residing in the Dharmadhatu center His guidance embraced me His love enveloped me Though even with beating heart of vast panic I knew I had found a friend A true friend Someone who could see through all my blemishes all my darknesses all my fears And I felt my booming heart go out to a new place to a new space to new possibilities Knowing that I had found a friend — a great friend — a master friend From that moment to this day an irrevocable bond was cemented not just for that moment but for all moments for endless times Knowing I had found a true friend Dennis Morbin -March, 2017, Prague
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Walter hitchhiked from Philly to Boulder in 1974. He seems confused about what happened after that.