Didier Guyaux

As a child, I looked up to Françoise, my cool aunt. From my young eyes: a great artist who lived in the big city, and who knew how to do impressive stuff on the computer! As an adult, I had the opportunity to work for her. Now living in that city while she was a thousand kilometres away. But,the true privilege, beyond our mentor/colleague relationship, was the opportunity to truly get to know her: to witness the warmth of her kindness and her sense of humour, although we were so far away. Now, I still look up to Françoise, the way she showed me the invaluable example of a life lived in balance. She reminds me of the beauty of living authentically, the importance of nurturing one’s talents, and the joy of connecting with others - Masterfully blended. The way great artists do on their canvases. Merci, ma chère tante.