Eliot May

Meek Tiger 4.8.2015 You have created Strong cocktails of conception But what about the reality of your own death. What is intoxicating about that? Do you realize you are nearly dead right now The conceptions that once were Have become a merry go round at the fair Fun but pointless. A ride But not satisfying. And there you sit on your old plastic chair Another day at the fair What do you make of it? The operator is on shift work And blamelessly, shifting gears I saw love birds above, kissing gloriously, perched in the afternoons wet fog But why has your seat been emptied Have you lost all enjoyment? Drinking the cocktail of sadness is indulgent without hopelessness Quit digging a pit! Lift yourself up meek tiger The sun is beginning to rise
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Walter hitchhiked from Philly to Boulder in 1974. He seems confused about what happened after that.