Gerda Jansonius

In 1978 Randy Sunday and Michael Kohn visited the Dharmadhatu in Amsterdam. I had just started to practice a few months ago. Michael invited me to come along to Vienna, where he was going to move with Judy being pregnant of their second daughter. I moved to Vienna and slept in their living room. At that time I had a university degree and spent two years in Oxford. But I was desperate and it was good in the sense of sanity. It was the presence of Sherab and of the Kohn family, that hooked me and provided some sort of healing from trauma. I cannot say , that we were friends. I was somewhat scared of Sherabs energy, despite of the warmth. The Kohn family moved to Amsterdam and then to Marburg. Where-ever they went, they provided extensive hospitality in their home. That is to say we all worked in the house and in the garden, but were also invited for meals and drinks. Memories of dinners with great Lungta. There were the weekly meetings of the Nuclear Committee. The idea was, that such small nuclea could explode. The discussions were about, how to spread the Dharma in Europe. Sherab wanted to establish a European Dharma Committee. Representatives of other countries were invited, he could with his charisma join them, get them together, glue. We understood ourselves as european dharma group. This was the great merit of Sherab Chödzin. In the night of his death (which i did not know at the time) I woke up at 01:00 in Marburg. there was some clarity and a sense of presence. This is unusual, I wondered, what is going on. I had watched a movie about Auschwitz and thought maybe some dead jews are visiting. The next day I heard about Sherab and understooid. Thank you Sherab and bon voyage