ENDLESSLY GIVING Court chatter, baby blue and gold, madness in my household, warriorship in my living room, never truly understanding the beauty of your chaos. Monarch of your breath, hard and soft cosmic touch, tickles or cuts, feather or razor blade, today and tomorrow, difficult problems of non-attachment. Loving father, gifting patriarch, skillful touch of deceptively complex matriarch, my king and queen are endless, figments of my devotion, to this primordial open heart. When was the karmic genesis? The first time you felt your heart beat! Green pines, sage brush and collecting juniper, 100 different shades of khaki in formation, gentle army clumsily sharpening dignity, liberates through genuine leader, sake glass emptying high command has issued orders, be kind! Crying mouths, why has it become so contrived, why is the son not as the father! unrest, mistrust and unbelievable egos, clinging, co-opting, practicing attachment, it started when one man was not attached, and looked inside himself, and it ends when you look inside yourself, and do the same. Choggie laughs, smiles he'll never let you down, except to see the truth, unless you feel too safe. giving endlessly in to you, endlessly giving in to you. I've been so tired, but I woke up, on April 4th, to say goodbye again. To tell you my love is endless, endlessly giving to you.