Hudson Shotwell

Green and Brown in Summer Heat They mingle, the green and brown, pounded by the black and tan. The black and tan do hard and soft on the breast of the meadow. Our practice materials are greygreen. Our armour is tan. Our minds are hard and soft as we practice. Naked heat, exertion, rain, and insects, our ghanta and dorje, Softness and straight lines the kapala, Flags and tents snap in the midnight wind of our meadow. This is the endless repetition for Shambhala, for its armies, Gathered by holy men, gathered by warriors, gathered by the tears of Human bravery. This is a gentle world where hard and soft know each other. There is no peak experience for practitioners of this sadhana, But there are moments. We offer this amrita to the Rigden Father, To the world, And to Nova Scotia. Long live the Horse Country, And long live Victory Over War! -Hudson Shotwell