Jane Lindsay

I became a student of the Vidyadhara back in '81 (Paris, France). For the first time in my life, something in this ur-weird world was not weird, but good, and made sense. '85 seminary, ngondro (the old version, rising in the cold dark while the child was still sleeping at four in the morning to practice, month after month, mala clicking...) And then Vajradhatu seemed to recede like an endlessly outgoing tide, replaced by unfamiliarity such that connections with sangha loosened and disappeared--Nothing to counter the call of parenting and training + earning a living... Only discreet photographs of the Vidyadhara glowing in the corners of my consulting room. This is a wordy (I'm sorry) introduction to saying what inspired me to write to you. Which is Newcomb Greenleaf's essay on the Heart Sutra. It zoomed right into me. I could feel the breath of the Vidyadhara. Timeless stillness. So taut and completely open. This is sangha that I recognise, that resonates, that ignites my curiosity all over again. And I don't want to be unfair---there have been many wonderful things on the Chronicles which reminded me of the Vidyadhara. However this has a quality of aliveness which makes my hair feel like it could be on fire all over again. Thank you.