jenny Van Dyck

I was in the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery now called -Samye Ling- in 1968 in Scotland where Trungpa lived together with his Tulku Akong Rimpoche ; a great Tibetan artist Sherapalden Beru who painted tankas and other traditional Tibetan paintings and a few monks.. Thank God (for the Western World) they had escaped into Britain after the Chinese had invaded Tibet... Samye Ling was a centre where visitors could come to meditate and study Tibetan Buddhism. We used to just bump into Trungpa in the corridors, kitchen, garden...... he always smiled and often taught us on the spot! In the morning we would go to the Puja which was always attended by Trungpa and some monks who played those heavy horns. There were always lamas who came to teach; once we a Zen Master from Japan, also a Theravadan monk from Thailand. Lots of people entered the Dharma and were initiated. Samye Ling is still there now in Dumfries, Scotland. There is a beautiful Temple build which was opened by the Dalai Lama. So I met him as well..... I would recommend to anyone to go and stay there sometimes in your lifetime. There are also centres all over Europe.