John Tischer

I didn't know Sherab well, but I always liked him, and he was nice to me. I remember giving him a bear hug at Tail of the Tiger one day, actually picking him up off the floor, and was surprised at how light he seemed, given his size. We had several cats there at that time. One was named Breakfast. The cat got it\'s name because one morning, Sherab picked up the cat in the dining room and loudly said:\"Ah, breakfast!\" I remember him teaching at one seminary, and his talks were awesome. For Sherab You, the authentic dharma student and disciple of the Vidyadhara, depart into space like the fresh mist that evaporates as the sun shines on a clear morning. Those that knew you send our best wishes and prayers. You must have broken the lion mould that you came from. We praise your memory. We thank you for what you have done.