Linda Lewis

Video Vidyadhara 4.4.2014 Blissful smile pushing up chubby cheeks Punctuated by dimples and a giggle— You were and are my magnetizing nirmanakaya guru. Eloquent gentleman's Tiblish dharma, Transmitted with right hand of upaya's vajra mudras, Speaking to a hoodlum ‘70's crowd— You were and are the Buddha for our time. Sipping amrita out of a hippie goblet, You presented the maha-dharma of no false hopes, No nirvana, no spiritual materialism, no white or black magic— Nothing but this awakened heart. You were and are my stunning sambhogakaya guru. Anyone who listened, practiced, and recognized what you taught Received the vajra mind transmission— Empowering awareness pure and simple. To you, the timeless dharmakaya guru, I supplicate. Inspired by Milarepa Day the previous day, with dohas of devotion still pounding in my head, I, jinpaipema, Linda Lewis, wrote this on the full moon eve, March 16, 2014.
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Walter hitchhiked from Philly to Boulder in 1974. He seems confused about what happened after that.