Linda Lewis

Doha to Trungpa Rinpoche 4.4.2011 When I first met Rinpoche, He met my restlessness with a blissful smile. Later he would tickle me and call me "sweetheart". Once when I was distress, he pinched my ass. Over the years I saw angry friends meet his mirror and melt. I saw arrogant friends become devoted and loyal. I saw jealous friends become all-accomplishing dakas and dakinis. Rinpoche's sacred outlook transformed hippies into dignitaries, Businessmen and women into engaged Shambhala Buddhists, Speeedy Americans into more accommodating Canadians and good citizens, And he invited all of us into the Kingdom of Shambhala. Now we his students begin to look through those eyes of sacred outlook, And when we do--no surprise--we too see the possibilities of pure appearance. -Written this parinirvana month of the year 2011, by jinpaipema, Linda Lewis