Marvin Mendelow

Hi Folks, I explored New Mexico for 10 years and every day found the untouched earth. What you are doing at the chronicle project is very similar. I am astounded to realize that the quality of your re-masters has such a penetrating quality. Its almost like being under the tents again and being present at the original talks. You are providing an inspiration and a kick in the butt to people to move ahead in their practices. It is like touching the original source again. Congratulations, Marvin


Dear Marvin,

Thank you, but it’s not our work that you’re appreciating. The re-masters are the result of a labor of love over many years by the Shambhala Archives. One person in particular that put many many hours into the audio recovery project is Chris Levy, a good Nova Scotian boy that never met the Vidyadhara, and was hired because he’s a professional audio guy. In the process of working on these recordings, Chris became a student of Chögyam Trungpa. You can listen to him talking about his experience on our Shambhala Archives Audio Recover Project page. Thanks very much for writing. -Walter