Paul Susnis

Tom arrived at RMDC, moving from California. He was sleeping in his van but as it got colder he moved into our trailer and slept on the tiny couch . We were busy with various projects on the Land; also keeping ourselves fed, warm and clean . Working with Tom, I learned how to handle carpentry tools and skills with them. Tom built a beautiful house for June and Himself above our trailer. He was very talented and would show me his clever joinery. Later in Boulder, Tom and I and other sangha tradespeople formed a company called Croft Inc. and did home renovations. I think we actually broke even when the company ceased operations. Tom was in charge of the money and did an excellent job with that as well. All the while, of course, we were doing programs, retreats, and seminaries. The idea of Croft was to have common goals for practice time, and community service. Later Tom, June and Emily moved to Nova Scotia and after visiting them a few times we moved as well. Soon Tom and I had the idea of starting something new in Halifax, a faux finishing business. Well, first we had to learn how to do it, so we studied and practiced and did a few jobs. We met lots of Halifax artists and crafts people at the old studios in Pier 21. We watched the stevedores load ships the old fashioned way with booms and ropes. We listened to CBC to learn about our new home. It was good to have somewhere to go in the winter mornings. He was a perfectionist and always took time to do things slowly. He was a lovely fellow . And Music: he moved to Chicago at one point in the 60's so he could see and meet his favorite blues players. Lots of nights we played blues, Tony Matthews, Tom and I, learning songs and playing .