Philip Richman

SUPPLICATION BEYOND TIME When we were insane beasts blinded by our own obsessions, You became the Wild Yogi who paralyzed us in mid air. When we were the horde, ravishing a corrupt heritage, You became the youthful prince encompassing our innocence. When we set out to conquer the meager territory of self clemency, You became a Warrior to pierce the shadows of hope and fear. When we were panicked, obsessed by our longevity, You became the monarch above limitless realms. When we cried for surfeit, a minimum of satisfaction, You became the ultimate siddha: the dharmata beyond time. O'guru, no one has come before you and no one after. You have existed before the depths of our minds. The source of your vision stands open before us. You were not born, you did not die. Your only manifestation is pure compassion, limitless blessing. This is your nature, your life, the greatest gift. Remember that which is beyond recollection. Perceive that which is already known. Return, though there is no where to come back to. Chogyi Gyatso, what is your name? This suplication was read to the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo at the Parinirvana gathering in NYC April 4, 2009. -Philip Richman- This was composed Thamcho Sero (Golden Light of Dharma), October 31, 1987, on the feast day of the Glorious Heruka Chakrasamvara.