Robert Gailey

To the nirmanakaya The definite, the deliberate, the sagacious The fearless traveler The peerless teacher The dharma general The generous father To the enjoyment body Expressive of every color Moving in the passion of wakefulness Great ally of the elements, spirits and cultures of the world To the dharma body, unknowable and unnamed Reflecting and radiating wisdom light The voice in the back of our heads Holding full power; anything can happen To the slayer of materialism, Trickster and sage Terrifying in compassion Triple hum is your signature Not satisfied with mute mysticism You mark this world with the great blade of Ashe Distilled, empowered and expressed in the dance of the 4 dignities. Having trained in the horrific, beautiful and uncompromising charnel ground We meet on the majestic mountain of sanity Pure, strong, and whole Our loyalty compels us to go forward and engage the world armed with the elegant weapons of compassion. Hand to hand, Eyeball to eyeball Heart to heart