robert higgins

somewhat old maybe a little moldy poem of devotion I pay homage to the glorious Holy Guru sometimes Nyingma, sometimes Kagyu sometimes That luminous awakeness which is your own mind. I bow to the glorious Holy Guru the flower falling from cloudless sky the wall of razors cutting the vein of ego. I prostrate to the glorious Holy Guru the torch lighting the way the rug pulled out beneath I praise the glorious Holy Guru who shows the mind at rest who bombards the mind with thoughts. Between this and that resting in awareness beyond right and wrong knowing the difference singing the song of wakefulness like the king of birds leaving the mountains below, I pay homage to the one...... That which liberates all. came to mind on a mountain top in oregon i remember my only father Chogyam Trungpa may we rest our weary minds and see what is. thank you, Tharpa Lodro aka bobby higgins