Robyn Traill

Yesterday, during a group Mahamudra retreat, a question arose about using a bindu as a support for resting the mind. And particularly about the size of the bindu. At that point i had a memory of Tulku Thondup that brought me to immediate tears of bliss, devotion, and bottomless gratitude. At Karma Choling Tulku was teaching from his book The Healing Power of Mind. He guiding a visualization practice of the body where he brought us slowly and carefully to a place where we were experiencing our body filled with tiny spheres of light. At some point Tulku had us focus on a cell-sized bindu in between our brow. Slowly he had us “approach” the bindu in our minds eye until it was quite large. Then he invited us to enter into the bindu/cell in the forehead and as we did this he guided us to discover that we had entered into Padmasambhavas Pure realm, with an open blue sky, fluffy clouds, various trees, flowers etc and with Padmasambhava sitting in a lotus in the middle of the sky. How I was able to be so precise and detailed in staying with the microscopic investigation, and then to suddenly experience a vast openness inside a cell was clearly the power of his presence and skillful means. That meditation changes my practice from then on. To this day aspects of visualization and its relationship to space, mind and awareness continue to unfold from that weekend almost 30 years ago. And now as tears run down my face I can’t distinguish sadness from bliss. Such a treasure.