Simone LaVoie: Jigme Lhatso

Dear Ann, "Another one bites the dust" Ann would appreciate that musician and artist, and perky , dynamic rhythm. ( check it out on YouTube) and dance along with Ann Farewell to my adventuresome, creative, resourceful and "living on the edge" artist, my dear Dharma sister. I met Ann in 1984 in Halifax when I visited NS for the Vidyadhara's first seminar at Dalhousie. and I stayed for a month and attended a class in enameling at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, where Ann was studying. I returned 4 months later and Ann and I were a part of the early Gold Leafing group for the new shrine, who would work late into the night at the now Shambhala centre. And then we would proceed to the local pub to dance. Fun, inspiring , hopeful , and energetic times. I left NS a year later and Ann and I would reconnect in the early 2000's when she moved from NS, due to financial issues, to Victoria ,Bc on Vancouver Island where I live. We spent a lovely evening reminiscing about life , practise, study, sangha and Trungpa. Ann got a job at an exclusive fabric store where she worked on special projects for customers and also did some home catering. But, her heart was with the Cape Breton community and sangha members. She returned to NS for Beverley's funeral , then came back to Victoria, Bc for a short period and then returned to her beloved Cape Breton. I cherish Ann's artistic , spirited nature, and infectious laughter. And our bond as students of the Vidyadhara, which is a profound connection that will carry forward. Love to my Dharma sister on her transition, and prayers for her journey. Ki Ki So So Simone LaVoie.( Jigme Lhatso) Vancouver Island, Bc canada