Stephen Futral

24th PARANIRVANA POEM 4.8.2011 by Stephen Futral on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 11:43pm seeing your face again / hearing your voice listening to your truth i am reminded of all you gave unconditionally and how i sometimes feared being in your presence... skin being peeled, exposed painfully looking into the layers of ego the residue that still hadn't been dealt with that 'crawl out of your skin' space you exuded and how i had to come back for more more truth that would leave me flapping in the wind mind blown away feet trying to sink into the ground as emotion upon emotion would come up and shake me down / sometimes i ran but choicelessly came back drawn by odors of truth and the taste of compassion and the ongoing feast of phenomenal world (that i had the honor to cook for you on occassion) (c)stephen.futral / 4.april.2011