Susie Vincent

From where I live, 9,396 miles from Halifax, Barbara and Denny Blouin existed as two particular treasure elements in a world I engaged in for a few years called Radio Free Shambhala, outside of the plenary container of which, many private emails were sent among individuals. They, as well as Suzanne Duarte and Hildy Maze (who became my cherished, loyal friends), gave me constant encouragement, recognition, unconditional acceptance, validation and love. I felt embraced by them and astonishingly, that I in return, delighted them. It was from Denny that I first heard the words, ‘consider yourself hugged’, and I did so. Barbara Blouin was someone I couldn’t fail to respect. Her bright, brave mind, integrity and generosity of spirit were a gift to society. She seemed always on her toes ready to step up, creditably and with honour. I felt privileged that she and Denny, Suzanne and Hildy figured as part of my world. Now all four are no longer in this bardo - Suzanne and Hildy both leaving with extraordinary suddenness. My deep love and appreciation to them all.